2013 Report to the State

On Monday, February 4, 2013, we made our 2012 Report to the State of North Carolina led by Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby.

If you are interested in reviewing a copy of the report it can be downloaded here in its entirity.
Click here for a pdf of the 2013 Report to the State2013_Report_to_the_State_files/FINALV2%202013%20Report%20to%20the%20State.pdf
Click here for a pdf of the
 2013 House Resolution2013_Report_to_the_State_files/H52v2.pdf
Click here for a pdf of the
 2013 Senate Resolution2013_Report_to_the_State_files/S41v1.pdf
The 2012 Report to the State2012_Report_to_the_State.html2013_Report_to_the_State_files/Feb%206%20Program.pdfshapeimage_5_link_0
To view video of the Report to the State 2013http://vimeo.com/59779510
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