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In 2010 the Boy Scouts of America celebrated 100 years of fellowship,mentoring, and service to others. The year 2012 marked a second significant milestone for Scouting and the more than two million men who have attained its highest rank: the 100th Anniversary of the Eagle Scout.

The rank of Eagle Scout represents a substantial commitment of not only a Scout's time and effort, but also to self-development and betterment of the larger community. In fact, the Eagle Scout rank is ultimately achieved by less than three percent of all Boy Scouts during their Scouting careers. Those who do, however, join several Nobel laureates, astronauts, a U.S. President and many other prominent business, military, religious, and government leaders in calling themselves Eagle Scouts for life.

North Carolina's Eagle Scouts has been created to serve as a both a source of information, as well as a means of recognition, in connection with the ongoing celebration of over 100 years of Eagle Scouting in the State of North Carolina. Within its pages, you will find an honorary listing of North Carolina's Eagle Scouts; information about regularly scheduled Scouting alumni gatherings being held throughout the State; and details about the annual Report to the State on behalf of all North Carolina Boy Scouts. In addition, we invite all Scouts, past or present, who would like to participate in any of these activities or to keep in touch with their fellow Scouters to provide their information on our registration page
found at Join Our Troop Page.

Whether you are a current Boy Scout, a Scouting alumnus, or a friend of Scouting, we invite you to explore North Carolina’s Eagle Scouts and to join us in commemorating over a century of Eagle Scouting in our State.
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